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At Blooming Temple Gardens, we believe that your landscaping (or garden, as we like to call it) should be both attractive, and a place where you can enjoy everything nature has to offer. We believe that the garden is a place where one can seek refuge from daily routines and stresses of our day-to-day lives, all while cultivating a beneficial relationship with our natural environment.

We encourage people to connect and collaborate with their gardens, and we provide you with the tools and knowledge you’ll need for your garden to thrive. Our goal is to design a unique environment which provides beauty, utility, and oasis, all while giving back to nature as much as possible. We look forward to creating the spaces that will allow you to blossom!


The Florida-Friendly Landscaping™️ Certified Professional (FFLCP) is a certification designed for code enforcement personnel and landscape design and maintenance professionals with the goal of creating and maintaining more environmentally friendly landscapes. We are committed to designing gardens that utilize Florida Friendly practices with the goal of creating uniquely appealing environments for our clients and the wildlife of this one-of-a-kind state.

The mission of the Florida-Friendly Landscaping™️ (FFL) Program is to provide science-based interdisciplinary educational resources that result in the adoption of environmentally friendly landscape practices to reduce water use and nonpoint source pollution and protect Florida’s water and natural resources. Florida-Friendly Landscaping™️ promotes nine core educational principles; these include planting the right plant in the right place, efficient watering, appropriate fertilization, mulching, attraction of wildlife, responsible management of yard pests, recycling yard waste, reduction of storm water runoff, and waterfront protection.

Garden Menu

The beautiful thing about designing gardens is that they have something unique to offer each individual gardener. Whether you are looking to start growing your own food or you simply want a gorgeous space to live or entertain in, we will help you build the garden of your dreams. We know that a garden has the ability to add tremendous value to the lives of our customers and the environment. This is why we are proud to offer these unique and customizable garden products to our clients:

The Floridian

Fully Florida Native: This garden is a no-brainer! It utilizes 100% Florida native plants which are often the most appropriate plants for Florida gardens. Not only are these plants the most suitable for our climate, but they have the most to offer the native wildlife (in terms of food and habitat) as well.

The Bird And The Bees

Pollinator Friendly: If you love large drifts of colorful flowers and want to attract native pollinators like hummingbirds, butterflies, and bees, this is your garden! These all-year-round displays of pollen and nectar rich flowers will be sure to have your garden buzzing alive with beautiful pollinators.

Lush Tropical Oasis

The Best of the Tropics: Our humid subtropical Central Floridian climate allows for us to grow some of the most stunning, colorful, and unique species of tropical plants available on the planet. If you want to feel like you’re vacationing on a tropical island when you’re in your garden, look no further.

Kitchen Garden

Grow Your Food: Who said a vegetable garden can’t be beautiful? Our kitchen gardens (usually located in your backyard) are separate from the rest of the residential garden and serve as a central feature for year-round visual appeal and food production. Often flowers and herbs are planted with the vegetables to enhance the gardens beauty. Providing fresh organic produce for you and your family right from your back yard has never been easier!

Sensory Garden

Touch, Taste, See, Smell, and Hear: All gardens appeal to the senses in one way or another, as every plant bears individual characteristics that entice different senses in unique ways. Our sensory gardens strive to maximize the sensory impact that the garden has on its visitors. Sensory gardens should be accessible for all people to enjoy – disabled and non-disabled.

Memorial Garden

A Living Tribute: Dealing with the loss of a loved one is a challenge that nearly everyone will experience during his or her lifetime. While the only way to heal from a loss is with time, creating a memorial garden in honor of your loved one is an inspirational way to pay tribute to their life while giving you a quiet and beautiful place to remember and honor your loved one.

Little Ones Garden

No Parents Allowed! Did you ever notice how kids like to have their own stuff, separate and distinct from everyone else’s? Well, the same could apply to gardening space. Rather than asking them to toil in your patch, it might pay to set aside a special area just for the children. It gets them away from the TV and video games, and it also gives you the chance to spend some quality time together outdoors.

Container Garden

For Anyone, Anywhere: Container gardens are great for beginning gardeners, people who have limited space or anyone who wants to dress up their porch or patio. Popular plants for containers include flowers, herbs, veggies, grasses and succulents. Many gardeners switch out the plants they grow seasonally to ensure nonstop color throughout the year. The possibilities are endless with a container garden!

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